Tatsu Do Martial Arts
Soke Cavalier and his Junior Students
Tatsu Do Dragon
Tatsu Do 27th Annual Tournament
Saturday, April 29, 2017
Livonia High School
Bulldog Blvd. Livonia NY
Registration: 9:00am
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Tatsu Do Yudanshakai Meeting
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TMAA Clinic (Download Flyer...)
Saturday, March 18, 2017, 10am – 1pm, Hombu, $35

TATSU DO is an eclectic system of martial arts founded by Soke William R. Cavalier,Jr., after many years of study in the arts ranging from Ju Jutsu, Chinese Kempo, Shito-ryu, Chito-ryu to Goshin Jutsu Kyo Jujo.

TATSU DO specializes in martial arts instruction from basic Karate, including all types of Self Defense, to Aiki Jutsu, Ju Jutsu, Kobudo and Iai - traditional Japanese sword.

Art of Karate
Karate (Empty Hands) fighting includes punching, striking kicking, more..
Art of Aiki Jutsu
Aiki Jutsu includes throws, flips, locks & holds, weapon defenses, more..
Art of Kobudo
Kobudo teaches fighting using traditional oriental weapons, bo, kama, more..
Art of Iai Jutsu
Iai Jutsu is the art of fighting using Japanes sword (katana), more..
Soke William R. Cavalier, Jr.
Soke William R. Cavalier, Jr.,
the Head Instructor, is a 10th Dan and the founder of TATSU DO.